Business analysis and operational support

Products and prices

Do you need a review of your business that takes all factors into account and gives you a concrete plan of action?

Our consultants have long experience from the hospitality business and know where to look.

With our tools the process is effective and minimizes the time consuming "hands on" tasks.

  • Gross sale cost / cost of articles
  • Personnel cost
  • Other costs (laundry – chemical – electricity)
  • Purchase – supplier bid loyalty – ledger
  • Logistics
  • IT-solutions
  • Revenue & sales mix
  • Competitors / benchmark
  • Pricing
  • Guest statistics
  • Potential savings

Everything is gathered in one report and presented by our Qvanti business operations consultants.

For business development and long term follow up Qvanti offers an analytic tool with daily and monthly reports.
  • Income statement / balance sheet towards budget and prognoses
  • Compiled supplier ledger
  • Visualization page showing trends in optional graphs
  • Send outs of daily and monthly report on unit and group level