Being a supplier within the freshX platform

Why the freshX platform?

Qvanti's freshX platform enables e-commerce by using a smartphone application when placing orders from you.

Some of your existing customers have chosen to start ordering via the freshX platform and in order for those customers to continue buying from you, you need to connect to the freshX platform.

As a supplier, you will receive ready-made orders which will make your sales process easier. There will also be less risk of misunderstandings and incorrect orders. In other words, your daily communication is simplified, you can focus more on sales of new products or offers, and you will not have to do the daily job of entering orders.

What is the next step?

Think about what kind of integration you prefer and contact us at support@qvanti.seif you have questions or would like to book an introduction to the platform.

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Information about the freshX platform

Less manual administration, less order errors and easier handling of complaints

You will receive structured and complete orders with consistent information. Depending on what integration you choose, orders can even be created automatically in your own order system.

Any eventual complaints will be received structured and linked to a packing slip (with text and photographs showing the cause of the complaint) this simplifies your complaints handling.

If you choose "full integration" you will receive all customer orders directly in your own ordering system, without any manual handling like entering orders sent by e-mail, risking incorrect entries. This allows your sales team to spend their time on customer service and actual sales.

Do you want to offer mobile purchasing solutions for all your customers?

In order to offer e-commerce for any of your customers you have the opportunity to send us customer information for the customers you want to place orders via the platform (even when they are not using the platform). The customer is then asked to use the purchase app "GO" which is free of charge. For this connection we only need to get the company name, customer number and mobile number of the person placing the orders. We will connect and inform the customer.

Want to be seen by more customers?

By connecting to Qvanti's freshX platform you have the opportunity to be included in the lists we have in our monthly newsletter, in our apps and on our website.

Here you are able to describe your business and your offers free of charge.

Why does your customer want to work with Qvanti's freshX platform?

When your customers use Qvanti's freshX platform, they reduce their manual work and risk of wrong orders.

The customer inventory process becomes much easier.

It is simple to check the deliveries, which means that any complaints will be easier for the customer and for you as a supplier to handle.

Strengths and benefits

  • Mobile purchasing system
  • Higher tenders and loyalty towards contract
  • Higher volume (15-25% increase in sales, depending on agreement)
  • Complaints function in the system resulting in more structured handling
  • 24/7 orders
  • Visibility (larger market)
  • Minimizes manual ordering


  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Higher turnover as a supplier
  • Reduce the number of transports and increase the occupancy on the deliveries
  • Reach new potential customers
  • Participation in our newsletter that goes out to all connected customers and suppliers
  • Sales staff can focus on proactive sales and spend less time on administration

The two types of integration

Full Integration

Your existing ERP / Sales system communicates electronically with the platform (receives electronic orders and sends customer information, price lists, order responses and packing slips). You don't need to do anything to get the orders into your system.


  • Articles and prices are automatically transferred from your sales system
  • Orders are automatically entered into your sales system without any manual steps
  • You get free marketing within the freshX portal


  • Often requires a technical integration project


  • The supplier is responsible for its own costs related to the integration
  • Qvanti does not charge the Supplier for transactions, but will charge for integration, implementation and startup, according to the price list (or offer).


(Manual copy / paste)

A small sales system where you handle incoming orders, customers, articles and prices. Price lists can either be managed in freshX web tools or using Excel files.

NOTE! You need to copy / paste every order in your own system if you also want them there.


  • Articles and prices can be maintained in freshX web tools or via Excel
  • Requires no underlying sales system
  • You get free marketing within the freshX portal


  • Orders are not entered into your sales system and must therefore be handled in two places The orders must be handled in the web tool to be included in the freshX platform. This leads to some duplication of work


  • Qvanti does not charge any costs for the integration or the web tool
  • Hands-on support with freshX web tool or Excel information is billed per hour

Price List, integrations

GS1-xml 3 500 SEK
EHF 3 500 SEK
Fortnox 2 500 SEK
Native 3 000 SEK
Relational 3 000 SEK
Simple 3 000 SEK
Visma Business (via WH Group)  3 500 SEK
Visma Business Offer
Pyramid Offer
MS Dynamics Offer
Navision Offer
SAP Offer
Others Offer

What is the next step?

Think about what kind of integration you prefer and contact us at if you have questions or would like to book an introduction to the platform.

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