Qvanti PRO

  • Purchase platform
  • Direct recipient of goods
  • Stock-checking
  • Recipe calculation
    Add ons
  • Extra account
  • CO2 footprint-module
  • Cash register connection
  • Personnel data connection
  • Menu generator

Do you want more time for doing what you do best and get better control over your business? Do you e-mail one supplier, call a second one and waiting for a third to return your call? Do you spend a lot of time on stock-checking? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions - Qvanti PRO is the tool for you!

Qvanti PRO is an app that simplifies the tasks of both purchasing and stock-checking. It gives you flexibility and possibility to handle the entire ordering process when and where you want.
To ensure best possible experience with our tool we do implementation and education. We also offer education through webinars.

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Reports, statistics and analysis

  • Purchasing reports
  • Sales reports
  • Staffing reports
  • Purchasing analytics
  • Business Intelligence

Our different reports makes it possible for you to effectively analyse and adapt your business without the need to await balancing of the books and stock-checking reports.

Business analysis and operational support

Do you need a review of your business that takes all factors into account and gives you a concrete plan of action?
Our consultants come from the industry and know where to look. Examples of what we review/analyse:

  • Gross sale cost/cost of articles
  • Personnel cost
  • Purchase - supplier bid loyalty - ledger
  • Revenue and sales mix
  • Pricing
  • Guest statistics
  • Potential savings