For suppliers

Why Qvanti?

Qvanti's freshX platform enables e-commerce by using our app when placing orders from you.

Some of your existing customers have chosen to start ordering via the freshX platform and in order for those customers as well as you to get the most value you should connect to the freshX platform.

As a supplier, you will receive ready-made orders which will make your sales process easier. There will also be less risk of misunderstandings and incorrect orders. In other words, your daily communication is simplified, you can focus more on sales of new products or offers, and you will not have to do the daily job of entering orders.



Qvanti PRO is an app that simplifies the tasks of both purchasing and stock-checking. It gives the Customer the flexibility and possibility to handle the entire ordering process when and where they want to. The operator (restaurateur/hotel owner) has a deal with Qvanti.

Qvanti does not charge the Supplier for transactions, but will charge for integration, implementation and startup, according to the price list (or offer).

What are the next steps?

It's easy to get started and together we can have a look at what solution that's best suited for you and your company.

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