Qvanti for you as a Supplier

We have two different products in the Qvanti purchasing portal:


The Operator (the restaurateur / hotel owner) has an agreement with Qvanti.

Qvanti does not charge the Supplier for transactions, but will charge for integration, implementation and startup, according to the price list (or offer).


As a supplier you can offer Qvanti GO to your customers (who do not yet have Qvanti PRO) but who can benefit from streamlining their orders to you.

How does Qvanti GO work?
  • You sign an agreement with Qvanti to be a Qvanti GO supplier.
  • You offer your customers to place their orders via the Qvanti GO app, which they can download from AppStore / Google Play.
  • We create user accounts based on customer information provided by you.
  • The restaurateur gets access to a simplified Qvanti app that works on all mobile platforms.
  • The customer orders from you using the Qvanti app and you as a supplier are charged SEK 40 per order or 1% of the order volume*. Each month we calculate which billing form has the lowest cost, you will not have to choose, we will always charge the lowest option.
  • The customer can add a number of modules to the ordering app and manage it via the AppStore / Google Play.

* Rates are subject to change. The agreement between the parties regulates the price in detail.

What are the next steps?

It's easy to get started and together we can have look at what solution that suits your company best.

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